The Intuition Class: Unlock Your Intuitive Advantage
The Intuition Class: Unlock Your Intuitive Advantage
The Intuition Class: Unlock Your Intuitive Advantage
The Intuition Class: Unlock Your Intuitive Advantage

The Intuition Class: Unlock Your Intuitive Advantage

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Step into "The Intuition Revolution" and unlock the potential of your entrepreneurial spirit with Laura M. Wilde, the intuition coach whose groundbreaking methods have sculpted the minds of elite athletes for two decades. This isn't just a class; it's a strategic inflection point for tech startups and small business entrepreneurs to become highly intuitive.


Imagine a domain where decision-making evolves into a refined art. This is the essence of gaining The Intuitive Edge, where your leadership transforms into an unstoppable force for innovation. The Intuition Program offers a series of breakthroughs:

  • Enhancing your intuition can profoundly impact various aspects of your life, offering a wealth of personal benefits. Here are eight compelling reasons why developing your intuitive skills is beneficial:

    Benefit #1: Improved Decision-Making Skills
    Intuition allows for quicker and often more effective decision-making, as it taps into the subconscious understanding of what often feels right beyond logical reasoning.

    Benefit #2: Greater Problem-Solving Abilities
    Cultivating intuition can lead to innovative problem-solving by providing unique insights that aren’t typically accessed through conventional thinking.

    Benefit #3: Boosted Creativity
    Enhanced intuitive abilities stimulate creativity, enabling the generation of novel ideas and creative solutions that can transform your artistic and personal projects.

    Benefit #4: Enhanced Emotional Intelligence
    Intuition is closely linked to emotional intelligence, improving your ability to understand and react to your own emotions and those of others around you.

    Benefit #5: Deeper Self-Knowledge
    Intuition connects you with your inner self, promoting self-discovery and a greater understanding of your true desires and fears.

    Benefit #6: Better Personal Relationships
    By enhancing your intuition, you can develop deeper and more meaningful relationships, as it helps you to be more empathetic and attuned to the needs and emotions of others.

    Benefit #7: Increased Confidence
    Trusting your gut feelings can boost your confidence, as you'll feel more assured in your choices and actions without over-relying on external validation.

    Benefit #8: Heightened Awareness
    Developing intuition enhances your sensitivity to the environment and the people around you, allowing for a richer, more engaged experience in daily life.

    Each of these benefits contributes to a fuller, more connected life, where intuition acts not just as a guide, but as a catalyst for growth and understanding.

"The Intuition Program" by Laura M. Wilde is where self-healing techniques, inner voice clarity, strategic retrieval, time mastery, and intuition reading are not just learned—they're lived.

Transform intuition into your life's superpower and navigate the future with unwavering purpose.

Your ticket to the Intuition Zone awaits.

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9-3 pacific on Saturday, May 18th 

9-3 pacific on Sunday, May 19th


Group coaching sessions are twice monthly and recorded.

VIP program includes is an 8 week program with 4 one-on-one session.