Our Work is a Paradigm-Shifting Disruptor for Elite Athletes

Let Us Help You Soar

  • We work with elite or soon-to-be elite athletes on a monthly retainer

  • We take only a couple new clients per month for one on one consulting/coaching

  • All programs are custom and tailored specifically to you.

  • Sessions prepare you so you can train and play better than you even imagined you could. Learn to be more resilient, consistent, and adaptable.

Resilient Body

  • Your body will be more powerful, stronger and become resistant to those constant tweaks

  • Break down and dissolve the walls and blocks that put your physical body in a state of tension, leading to injuries.

  • You might be surprised at how powerful your body actually is when we show you how to unlock its resilience
  • We use quantum sports medicine (mind-body medicine) to prevent injuries and help you recover more quickly

  • It's preventative work for a healthier body and a better season

  • When you’re healthy and able to be in the game and playing at your peak performance - you’ll be in the best position to negotiate your next big contract or receive your college scholarship.

Resilient Mind

  • Mental Resilience Zone Training to Help You Be Elite.

  • Learn to access the alpha zone/flow state within 90 seconds

  • This is not talk therapy

  • Mental training for resilience

  • Mental training for consistency

  • Mental training for focus

  • Mental training for confidence

  • We’ll help you become more intuitive and in tune with your teammates and coaches

  • We help you learn and clear your triggers so you can mature, dissolve them and move past (known or unknown) fear, doubt, worry and inconsistency and become your Ideal Self...even if you don't know the wall and those blocks exist... 

Out of respect for the privacy of our high profile clients we do not share their names or testimonials without permission.