Most athletes don't know how to get in the zone on command...

...I Can Show You How

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Your Mind is the Most Important Muscle to Train...

...yet Most of your Competition Only Trains the Body.

This is Your Edge. Your Secret Weapon. That 1% Difference Between Elite or Mediocre.

I Help you Get in the ZONE

so you can be Mentally and Physically Resilient

and Always Play your Best Game.

SupraMental Performance




“The pro athlete’s SECRET WEAPON!”

Dr. Ian

Host of The Doctors on CBS


“Coach Laura is a unique person with a special gift to help athletes.”

Shaquille O'Neal

15-time NBA All-Star, 4-time NBA world champion, & Business Owner


“Coach Laura is intriguing and has a unique brand of mind.”

Jerry West

NBA Hall of Famer & "The Logo"


“Coach Laura’s expertise in the field of quantum sports medicine and mental performance is bar-none. She has a game-changing approach to player development, player performance, and healing player's injuries.”

Dee Brown

Former Player Boston Celtics, 1991 Slam Dunk Champ, Inventor of the Dab


"As a third year pro, my game has been able to advance to a new level largely in part of the techniques and mind work that I have done with Laura. I feel more confident and grounded as I prepare for a game day, and I know how to get in the zone. I even see the self work that I do with Laura translate into other areas of my life overall allowing me to achieve greatness on and off the court."

Monique Billings

WNBA Atlanta Dream

12 Rituals for Champions


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