The Resilient Wellness Edge: How to Activate Your Body&

The Resilient Wellness Edge: How to Activate Your Body's Innate Healing Wisdom (complimentary)

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Are you ready to activate your body's innate healing powers in this half-hour experience with Laura. She has nearly two decades of experience as a holistic healing instructor. She has done thousands of healing sessions and has empowered clients to improve their health without drugs and surgery.

What you get:

*The most up to date outlook on health and how to be healthier

* Learn a powerful brain balancing technique and set your wellness intention for a high energy 2024. 

* Discover the power of holistic healing with this introduction to Resilient Wellness.

Unlock your body's innate wisdom and activate your healing power for a truly resilient wellness journey. Let your body guide you toward inner balance and vitality.

Your body's natural healing abilities are within. Let's discover them in this  complimentary class. Our holistic approach harnesses your body's innate wisdom for a more resilient you. My clients have experienced long-term wellness by activating the  body's healing wisdom.

This session will be held on Thursday, April 15th at 5pm pacific. It is complimentary.