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The Billionaire's Sixth Sense: Unlock Your Intuitive Business Advantage June 2024

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Step into "The Intuition Revolution" and unlock the potential of your entrepreneurial spirit with Laura M. Wilde, the intuition coach whose groundbreaking methods have sculpted the minds of elite athletes for two decades. This isn't just a class; it's a strategic inflection point for pro sports execs, tech startups, company leaders and entrepreneurs to become highly intuitive.


Imagine a domain where decision-making evolves into a refined art. This is the essence of getting The Intuitive Edge, where your leadership transforms into an unstoppable force for innovation. The Intuition Program give you the intuitive edge trains you to be intuitive and will offer a series of breakthroughs:

  • Breakthrough #1: Empower yourself to navigate uncertainty with confidence and precision.
  • Breakthrough #2: This intuition training paves the way for mastering future challenges.
  • Breakthrough #3: Anticipate market movements to not just participate but lead. Harness your problem-solving skills to foresee and tackle upcoming challenges.
  • Breakthrough #4: Use your insight as a compass in the business landscape, steering clear of obstacles with ease.
  • Breakthrough #5: Unleash creativity to generate ideas that disrupt norms and set new paradigms.
  • Breakthrough #6: Achieve operational efficiency that becomes your hallmark, focusing your vision on true growth paths and knowing your next steps.
  • Breakthrough #7: Dive deep into the core of your enterprise—the people. Enhance emotional intelligence to deepen connections and foster a culture where communication and relationships thrive.
  • Breakthrough #8: Reignite the passion that started your journey, fueling a vision that will illuminate the industry.

Join us to transform your intuitive skills into concrete business successes, pushing the boundaries of what you can achieve.

"The Intuition Program" by Laura M. Wilde is where intuition converges with business acumen. It’s where self-healing techniques, inner voice clarity, strategic retrieval, time mastery, and intuition reading are not just learned—they're lived.

Transform intuition into your life's superpower and navigate the future with unwavering purpose.

Your ticket to the Intuition Zone awaits.



9-3 pacific on Saturday, June 8th 

9-3 pacific on June 9th


Group coaching sessions are twice monthly and recorded.

VIP program includes is an 8 week program with 4 one-on-one session.