Why do some of the superstars get injured every year during playoffs?

Top Three Reasons Players Get Injured When it Matters Most


1. Mental Weakness

2. Inability to get into the zone

3. Self Sabotage

We all feel sorry for players when they get injured right before or during playoffs. "Aww, dang," we say, "this could have been our year!" We shake our heads in disbelief and sports sadness.

But injuries are more than just physical. They're rooted in emotional and mental static within the injured athlete. In fact, any injury or illness is rooted in emotional and mental imbalance. So what's the solution?

1. Mental Weakness.

ANY athlete who nearly always gets injured during playoffs or the championship series is mentally weak. I know people will hate this fact, but I have nearly two decades of holistic healing under my belt and I've seen it enough to rest my career on this statement. I'm not saying athletes don't roll their ankles on someone else's foot - or that they don't get whacked in the nose, etc. It's just that when we have the static of fear or uncertainty in our emotional body or in our thoughts - we have just aligned ourselves to the state of being injured instead of a state of strength.

Because words and thoughts are powerful vibrations - we truly do create from our subconscious minds. So don't leave your subconscious mind unchecked. Awareness is the gift.

Good News!

With just a few of my Holistic Player Development sessions (each includes mental resilience training and holistic healing) players will overcome deeply-seated mental weakness and mediocrity. Players become aware of what their blocks are. These sessions can greatly improve the athlete's chance to become a mentally strong person - so strong that their ankles, knees, shoulders, etc reflect that strength - and the athlete stops being the guy or girl who gets injured every time it matters most.

2. Inability to get into the zone

99% of the human population is unable to get into the zone on command. You can be one of the few when you take my simple zone class. After 15 years of intuition and alpha mind training, I've developed a proprietary formula to get into the zone. Great News! In as few as 90 minutes athletes can build a clear and automatic path to the zone. Then you'll get there on command. The Cosmic Zone Workshop will be a life changer for any athlete. 

3. Self Sabotage

We all WANT to win, right? Well, maybe somewhere inside us behind our traumas and fears being the best feels scary. So - do you want to win with every fiber of your being?

Not really...because deep on the inside being great scares us. Why is that? If we are great today we will have to be great tomorrow. And the next day and the next day... Being great sounds tiring to the brain - because it merely wants to survive.

Sometimes the fear we have is a fear of success - far more than a fear of failure. So...our fear, doubt and worry keeps us mired in self sabotaging behaviors.

So mediocrity is our human default. Being great - the state of excellence is something we'll have to overcome our biology to reach. But it's possible - when you learn to access the zone and receive holistic sports performance sessions to help your brain stop defaulting to fear and doubt and worry. Imagination and creativity lead to peak performance. Soon, excellence will be your default and a healthy body will be your reward.





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