Sports Energy Medicine for deep level healing

Sports Energy Medicine for deep level healing

Go Beyond the Cartesian for Deep Level Healing

Simply, Sports Energy Medicine (SEM) is a new paradigm in sports medicine.

Sports Energy Medicine goes beyond the philosophy that the human body is a material object that exists in the physical plane.

“Whether mainstream medicine likes it or not,

the human body is controlled by the mind.” 

Sports Energy Medicine relies on Consciousness as a foundation in its ability to improve the health of athletes in a profound way.

Quantum Biology is the understanding that our bodies are not just bags of bones and tissues, but a field of living energy created by our experiences and our ancestors DNA.

SEM does not lend itself easily to comparisons, but since human beings learn things best by pattern-recognition - if you must, then imagine Ancient Chinese Medicine theory, integrative medicine, mindset improvement, applied quantum mechanics theory, metaPhysics, acupressure, Reiki, energy medicine, mindbody medicine, BodyTalk, meditation, and EFT combined and with added knowing and wisdom.

SEM is based on the body’s existence in the quantum field. Here, Consciousness is interchangeable with the term quantum field. Sports Energy Medicine is a new paradigm in sports medicine. It creates high level Sports Conscious Athletes - let’s call them New Paradigm Athletes - with surprising grace and poise who use their potential FULLY. And by that I mean…

SEM goes beyond diagnosis and drug-based healthcare to a truly holistic and deep-level unearthing of illness, injuries, disease, and troubling belief systems that hold people back and keep them in illness, doubt, fear and worry.

Simply, SEM clears the blocks and beliefs and habits that lead to poor health, injuries, poor behavior, poor performance, and poor team cohesion. Sports Energy Medicine sessions expand the athlete’s and coach’s awareness – and with awareness - the door to better health, resiliency, and success on the field or court is unlocked. Better performances by more inspired teams are the natural outcomes. Awareness is the gift!

The 8 Defining Principles of the Sports Energy Medicine® System
1.The SEM Modality respects the body's innate (in-built) ability to balance and heal itself on all levels. Sports Energy Medicine integrates the
influence of personal consciousness, emotions, and belief systems on the course, prevention and treatment of injuries.
2. The priority for treatment is not based on pattern-recognition of symptoms as it is in western medicine; it’s based on the innate wisdom of the athlete’s body. For example a hurt shoulder might begin with tension in the liver. PT will focus on the shoulder - missing the root of the problem. SEM asks the body how to heal the shoulder and uses real feedback, not typical protocol.
3. A shift in physical health and injuries will happen quickly when underlying emotional and/or mental contributing factors are addressed and solved. Literally, releasing the baggage in our mind and emotional baggage in our body heals the body. Often, this “baggage” is held in organs, endocrines, or fascia. This is in contrast to the more physical aspect of myofascial release. Myofascial release is the release created on the physical level. Being that your body keeps the score - we can trust that releasing this emotional baggage leads to a healthier body.
SEM is like using a foam roller to break up unprocessed emotions, negative thoughts, the tightness in the fascia, and clear the mental blocks or self sabotaging habits that the player is unable to discard on his own. This happens at the SupraMental Level. In addition, it allows for the release of the personality traits that don’t serve the athlete or the team.
Most athletes won’t talk about the deeply entrenched belief systems because they don’t even know what they are. Or, they are too painful to discuss.
In SEM we aren’t trying to talk away the pain. We look beyond your symptoms to help you gain awareness and wisdom about the subconscious emotional and mental patterns you hold. Through this process of unburdening, the athlete experiences a feeling of freedom in body and mind. This leads to better play and a healthier athlete. Simply, we help you get to the root of the injury. This usually prevents recurring injuries. Injuries may seem random but mostly they aren’t. Once you understand why this is you’ll have the key to healthy performances and true prevention of injuries.
4. We use the underlying theory of quantum biology in our approach, ie., the body is not a bag of bones and muscles. It is a container made up of all of our experiences. All factors that influence health and wellness, or the opposite, must be considered and addressed in order for healing to occur. This includes mind, spirit, environment and lifestyle as well as the physical body.
5. The cells and systems within the body communicate constantly. Sometimes the messages get lost from one part to another. To re-establish lines of communication, the body prefers that this be done without invasive intervention although, when necessary, — conventional and alternative medicine are utilized or referred. SEM enhances the communication among all the cells on all levels, including the quantum level.
6. True deep-level healing is simple and natural. With SEM, improving the physical body, as well as enhancing quality of performance and the optimization of potential is the ultimate goal. This simplicity of SEM is based on the theory of critical point analysis - a technique derived from the fact that in any highly complex system (human body) there is a specific critical point at which the smallest input will result in the greatest change. For example, the massive gears of a windmill will be halted by a light touch to the proper escape mechanism, and you can paralyze a locomotive if you know exactly where to place your finger.
7. Stress gets in the way of optimal functioning; it disrupts the body’s natural healing process. SEM minimizes the stress response of the body and allows the rest/relax/recover state of the nervous system to dominate, thereby giving the athlete time and space and the proper mindset to heal. This shift isn’t just temporary - as the session allows the athlete’s body to sense how to find rest/relax/recover more often.
8. Consciousness (Awareness) facilitates healing. Sports   Energy Medicine’s principles are based on ancient wisdom and the laws of applied quantum physics and MetaPhysics. Practitioners have committed themselves to self-exploration and self-development.

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