How My Holistic Mental Health/Mental Performance Work for Athletes is Different

How My Holistic Mental Health/Mental Performance Work for Athletes is Different

There are levels to this mental performance and mental health work!

This blog post is for athletes and the people who work with them.

As an athlete evolves at all levels - be it physically, mentally, or spiritually - current mental performance and mental health techniques & theories are not be enough to fully support an athlete to reach their potential. And not enough to create a person who thrives post sports career.

Why and how is my work so different from typical mental performance and mental health methods?

My training is in sports as a scholarship athlete and NCAA Head coach, and it's also in quantum medicine, epigenetics, holistic health, sports nutrition (food changes the brain) anxiety, depression, alpha mind excellence (zone training) and mental resilience training.

My specialty as I call it - is helping an athlete or coach elevate their quantum position. This means - up-level on all levels and become a new person who doesn't suffer or struggle. It's work for the whole person. We each have five bodies. 

Physical, Emotional, Mental, SupraMental and Cosmic. I work with all of them, not just the mind and body.

Most often, mental performance work and mental health techniques are rooted in talk therapy. This type of therapeutic attempt to create a champion mindset within an athlete ignores the existence of deep-seated trauma that gets stuck in the body - causing a roller coaster loop of ups and downs - and ignores the benefits of - quantum physics and quantum medicine. It also works on the premise that trauma markers stored in the athlete's DNA as epigenetic markers can be removed through mere discussion and an exploration of the conscious mind. They simply cannot be.

Our subconscious mind rules. Let's start there. 

Otherwise, the athlete improves a little bit and then a stressful circumstance comes along and drops them back down in the dungeon. Why? 

Because the mind reflects back to the physiology for answers in times of stress. If body-mind medicine wasn't used - or if epigenetics energy medicine wasn't part of the process, talk therapy leaves remnants of the trauma in the organs and tissues. It gets reignited by stress.

This may sound far out. However, mounds of scientific evidence support this. 

For athletes whose ancestors went through major trauma (probably all of us) this can be rough to get past when it's not addressed at a level beyond conversation and verbal exploration. 

Those little subconscious thoughts and the trauma markers on the DNA can be a benefit and add to overall resilience for some. Yet they will also work their way into an athlete's psyche and create self doubt and self sabotaging tendencies for others - injuries, off court incidents, on-court frustrations or trouble with coaches, teammates and family members can take a talented guy or girl out of the game. 

Getting to an aha moment through talk therapy is helpful, and can even be game changing or life changing. However, to create lasting change within an athlete, and more importantly - to empower an athlete to be self sufficient with tools and to have a default of joy and balance, next level work is what is desperately needed right now for today's athletes.

Without releasing the issues we hold in our bodies - through mind-body sports medicine, a player is bound to fall back into old habits, old ways and old injuries once the sessions stop. Why not offer an athlete the opportunity to become self sufficient at managing his or her life and performance? Beyond the team...

Quantum-based mental performance will need to be infused into any productive and lasting mental performance work with athletes because as it stands, the current form of mental training simply doesn't go deep enough for today's, nor tomorrow's athletes. 

I like to create sustainable champions on and off the court.

Mental performance, when it includes mind-body medicine, human Consciousness practices, epigenetics sports energy medicine and mindfulness training is the most thorough form of mental training for today's elite athletes. It's quantum!

Transformational, gentle and nurturing at its core, it has been used at the highest levels of athletes in basketball, baseball and football with great though often unspoken of - success.

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