Pre-Season Training is Missing Something

Pre-Season Training is Missing Something

by Laura M Wilde

Founder, Sports Energy Medicine

Pre-Season Training Programs Fall Short

Have you ever had a great pre-season and felt more ready than ever - only to be injured early on and have to sit out for weeks or months?

Have you ever thought you have it all together and then are sidelined by an injury right as you hit your mid-season stride?

Pre-season strength training and conditioning can help with injury prevention - but if it was truly and fully effective - all the athletes would be healthy all season long.

Why doesn't anyone ever ask what's missing? 

Each pre-season team trainers and performance staff work with athletes all over the world to help athletes prep their bodies for the upcoming season. The best minds have come to a sort of baseline agreement about what athletes should do in pre-season. 

But they've skipped a very important factor. Mental & emotional body health. Those matter because they open up a portal to excellent physical health.

According to pre-season training experts: "building a strength foundation is important for improving skills, preventing future injury, and quickly enhancing overall fitness."

We know that in the offseason, athletes rest up to mentally and physically recharge for another season. 

But do athletes mentally train to charge UP their bodies for pre-season?

Pre-season mental workouts will help physical health, recovery and resilience. 

They are a truly preventative measure that anyone can use to have a healthier season.

These workouts can include paraliminal mp3s, sports energy medicine sessions, guided visualizations, breathwork, aromatherapy and meditation.

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