Synergizing Sports, Science and Consciousness

Truly holistic mind-body medicine, quantum player development and zone training
for doctors, trainers, coaches, psychologists, parents and physical therapists, etc.


Quantum Sports Medicine The Class

This two-day class is for physicians, physical therapists, and trainers. Simple and profound. Learn how to integrate holistic wellness and health techniques and philosophies into your current modality. Led by EnRico Melson, MD, and Coach Laura - you will learn how to better help your athletes heal, be more energetic and understand how to have a healthier team - where true prevention is part of the process.

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Resilient Athlete Wellness Training

This Sports Energy Medicine class focuses on helping the athlete or coach be resilient! Find more energy, recover more quickly and best of all learn to prevent and holistically heal injuries.

This three-hour class is for athletes, parents, and trainers or physical therapists. Simple techniques you can use pre-game, during the game, or post game for recovery, pain and injury management. Then, share with your athletes. Team and group discounts available.

Mental Performance Coaches: Expand

You are guiding and leading athletes to be great humans who live in and channel excellence! Arenโ€™t you? Do you lead with light?

Our holistic training program for mental performance coaches (CHAMPS) encompasses how to deal with the often challenging world of pro sports, holistic healing, how to perform under pressure, how to work with athletes and how to work in this field. will help you focus better, be healthier, experience more balance, and move past stuck places so you can create the professional career and personal life youโ€™ve imagined. Or something better.