The Phil Jackson Effect

Phil Jackson - NBA Zen master

Since The Last Dance aired - the Phil effect has become common knowledge.

Led by Phil, the Chicago Bulls began a journey in mindfulness many years ago. Phil Jackson and his now 11 NBA ring-having-self used to burn sage in the locker room - had his players meditate and taught them about the one mind concept. His players learned how to access the zone - together.

Mental Resilience

One mind work for Phil's teams created mental resilience and powerful teams. This concept isn’t new. The concept of one mind isn’t far-fetched at all. It works and it literally is the stuff that champions and championships are made of. The one mind concept is that special sauce. Most importantly, it is what creates sustainable championship teams. Phil Jackson proved that beyond a reasonable doubt.

I'm surprised more teams don't seek this type of approach. Are you? The way I see it - having a holistic or integrated player development department is a no brainer! Player development that develops the whole man or woman is so IN! Sadly, most teams focus 99% of their game preparation on the physical game. Also, teams forget mind-body medicine or quantum sports medicine can help them have a healthy team! Healthier beyond a GM's wildest imagination.

Sports Meditation

The one mind concept is attainable for any team! One way to get there is to have the team's players practice breathing together.  Doing yoga together is another way. And lastly, finding stillness together is a path to one mind. Think...meditation.

Sports Meditation is the strongest way to start building a strong team with a one mind purpose. Long lasting and non-band aid mental performance practices must include creating self awareness within athletes. Mental performance coaches can help athletes be more self aware and dissolve self sabotaging habits using mind-body medicine and other quantum player development practices. 

So -- twenty years after the mental game and a one mind team concept became the new thing and most powerful secret weapon in sports, it's time for an up-leveling. Well - time for an up-leveling again. 

How to Be a Champion

While everybody else is working on their mindset, work on your intuition, your resilience and Most importantly, learn to allow your connection to source show up on the court. Let the game come through you. You can be seeing the court before the play unfolds - knowing where your teammate will be before he or she gets there. To be elite - get your team to join you in a one mind approach.  While everyone else is trying to get great - you’ll be surrendering to your inner greatness. Because it already exists.

by Laura M. Wilde


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