The Five Bodies Theory

The Five Bodies Theory

Dr. Amit Goswami, a theoretical physicist, who chaired the University of Oregon’s Quantum Mechanics Department, re-visited a holistic view of human existence beyond just the physical body. The theory is a couple thousand years old. Each human is a multi-layered being. Here’s the breakdown:


Physical Body

It's like the body of a car. It’s tangible; you can touch it, see it, and it’s what moves you around.


Emotional Body

Think of this as the gas in your car. It’s the energy that fuels your physical body, giving it the power to move and do stuff.


Mental Body

Imagine this as the car’s steering wheel. It's where thoughts and decisions are made; it directs where the car (or your body) goes.


Supramental Body (or Intuitive Body)

Consider this like the GPS in your car. It’s not always used, but it’s there to guide you with intuition and insights, beyond regular thinking with a knowing of all things.


Bliss or Cosmic Body

This is like the music playing in the car, making the ride enjoyable. It’s the joy and contentment that you can feel, making life feel fulfilling. It’s the part of us that we can call the God layer. This part of us is the spiritual part. This part is Consciousness.


So, we are not one-dimensional but have different "bodies" or "layers" that together make up who we are, much like how various parts come together to make up a car. Each “body” has its role and impacts our overall existence and experience of life. In general, the physical body requires help to experience injuries and illness. Environmental toxins fall outside of this and can directly affect the physical body.


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