Drafting on Instinct: How Intuition Can Create an NBA Dynasty

Drafting on Instinct: How Intuition Can Create an NBA Dynasty

Intuition. Your Silent Partner in the Game

In the world of professional basketball, the decisions made by National Basketball Association (NBA) General Managers (GMs) can shape the destiny of entire franchises. NBA GMs are tasked with winning not just one Championship team - but on some level, creating a dynasty is the unwritten expectation. Or it is at least the big dream for the team owner who brings in new talent to run his baby - the franchise.

Behind every draft pick, trade, or strategic shift, there lies not just analytical rigor but also a less tangible, and even more powerful force: intuition. This blog entry  explores the scientific basis of intuition and celebrates historical figures who have used it to achieve greatness, illustrating how honing intuitive skills can be a game-changer for NBA GMs. Each of us has an inner voice, or the eye behind the eye. Most humans fail to develop this skillset. But it's possible. Here is more...

The Science of Intuition

Intuition goes beyond the split-second decisions made on the basketball court; it is the brain's capability to process complex information and past experiences rapidly to inform decisions without conscious thought. Neuroscience reveals that the brain's right hemisphere plays a critical role in this intuitive process, enabling individuals to navigate decisions with a speed and efficiency that logic alone cannot match.

In the context of basketball management, where decisions often need to be made quickly and under pressure, intuition can provide clarity and direction, guiding GMs toward strategic choices that align with their teams' long-term visions.

Historical Intuition in Play

Albert Einstein

Einstein's reliance on intuitive insights in developing his theories changed our understanding of the universe. For NBA GMs, embracing an "Einsteinian" approach to intuition means valuing imaginative leaps and instinctual hunches alongside statistical analyses and scouting reports.

Marie Curie

The intuitive curiosity that drove Curie to her scientific discoveries can inspire GMs to explore unconventional strategies or talent that might otherwise be overlooked, potentially uncovering the next groundbreaking player or game-changing tactic.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs's intuitive grasp of consumer desires transformed technology. Similarly, NBA GMs can use intuition to anticipate the evolving dynamics of the game and fan engagement, staying ahead of trends and shaping the future of their franchises.

Intuition in Basketball Management

For NBA General Managers, intuition can be a critical asset in navigating the complexities of team building, strategy formulation, and player development. It complements data and analysis, offering insights that might not be immediately evident through traditional metrics.

Cultivating Intuitive Skills

Developing a sharper intuitive sense involves a blend of mindfulness, experience, and a willingness to embrace uncertainty. For NBA GMs, this might mean:

  • Mindful Reflection: Engaging in regular reflection to become more attuned to your intuitive insights and how they can inform your management decisions.
  • Strategic Business Intuition Training with Laura Wilde: Seeking varied experiences within and outside the sport to enrich your intuitive database, making your instincts more reliable.
  • Embracing the Unknown: Being open-minded to unexpected modalities that help you raise your frequency or Consciousness.


In the competitive arena of the NBA, intuition stands as a silent partner for General Managers, a guiding force amid the pressures and uncertainties of professional basketball management. By understanding and developing their intuitive abilities, GMs can unlock new dimensions of leadership, innovation, and strategic foresight, driving their teams to new heights of success.

Just as intuition has played a role in the achievements of some of history's greatest minds, it can also illuminate the path to victory in the complex, fast-paced world of the NBA. For General Managers, strengthening this silent partner could be the key to securing a lasting legacy in the annals of basketball history.

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