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You will enhance your life when you learn how to get in the wilde zone, where anything you can happen! Even what you haven't imagined. This class is for athletes or anyone who would like to learn to access a peak performance state on command. Laura has nearly two decades of experience and is certified in zone training.


This class will be taught in four 75-minute segments. You will learn how to get into the zone! Laura will teach you everything you need to create a powerful path to the alpha state - aka THE ZONE. That's where greatness happens! Class is four Friday afternoons/evenings in March or four Tuesday afternoon/evenings in April. 

Team and family discounts available. Choose your month! We will meet four times in the month you take your zone class. 

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Class times listed are pacific times. Add three hours for east coast time. (ex: NY, GA, Miami, FL)

Laura's proprietary formula for getting into the zone on command is fun and pro athletes report it as a gamechanger. In this experiential course, she will lay the groundwork for you to get in the zone on your own. You will learn how to build your own quantum level arena or stadium or court so you can build your pathway to access the zone on command. 

This is an experiential class, not a lecture!

The PEAK PERFORMANCE ZONE is Where Greatness Lives. When you take THE ZONE class you will learn to access THE ZONE on command. This puts you into an ELITE MINDSET bracket. You'll become one of those few elites who can get in the zone on command.

This proprietary method will also help you be more mentally and physically resilient! 

All class attendees will receive an mp3 with Laura guiding into the zone.

Also includes a 21-day Zone Challenge to help you reinforce your practice.


Five major benefits of getting in THE WILDE ZONE!

1. Improved focus

2. Improved consistency

3. Mental resilience

4. Prevents injuries

5. Go beyond typical meditative practices that claim to get you in the zone. Have you ever been in the actual zone? It's a place that can be measured scientifically. It's not the same as regular meditating or regular breathwork. It's something else. A quantum world.