Intuition Club Series: Quantum Leaps Class/Mindscape review and explore sessions.

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Increase and Enhance the Ways to Use Your Skillset! 
Includes a special January 4th Quantum Leaps Intention Setting Session for 2024
  • Go Beyond The Law of Attraction to the Law of Alignment
  • Go Beyond Manifesting to Creating
  • Expand your Arena for profound healing
  • Learn to tap into your arena to experience your full power
  • Activate higher energy
  • Tune into  the quantum field of entanglement and tunneling
  • Create better relationships 
  • Experience more prosperity in your life
  • Experience more resilient wellness
  • Tap into the dimensions of the past, present and future.
  • Heal relationship belief systems and prepare for healthier interactions.
  • Learn to do profound self healing
  • December 30th is a bonus New Year Planning to help all your dreams come true

Each Week

Thursdays beginning November 30th through January 4th

7:00 pm central time until 8:15 pm central

5:00 pm pacific until 6:15 pacific

*skipping December 7th 

 Includes access to the app and Intuition Club!

Weekly gatherings include: 

* New techniques and skillsets

* Group Healing Sessions

* Live/interactive Zoom

* Join live with phone or computer

All Sessions Recorded so You Can Watch and Keep the Replay at your convenience

Open to MindScape And Quantum Leap and Intuition SuperPower class students