MindScape Class

MindScape Class

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This class teaches you how to expand your intuition. Why do you care?

Intuition was named in FORBES magazine as the newest and best asset to thrive in this ever-changing world that requires adaptability.

Understand what your deepest intuition is trying to tell you. Imagine being able to make your business and life decisions based on what your gut brain tells you. 

Allow Advanced Instructor and NBA Mental Performance Coach Laura M. Wilde help you create your best life with this two-day adventure of expansion and transformation. You'll leave with your mind blown over how intuitive you actually are!

Laura works with elite pro athletes and coaches. She is an expert at helping people  learn to get in the zone. Learn how to unlock your intuitive skills! You have 11 Intuition Super Powers. Are you ready to discover them? Expect to be wowed by your own latent intuitive powers in this two day class. 

Laura teaches this class to help you excel at ALL levels! 

 Class is 8:30 am - 4:00 pm pacific time. 11:30 am - 7 pm eastern time