Get in the Zone Club

Get in the Zone Club

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Coach Laura will share content several times a month to get you at the most elite level of performance.

Sign up anytime! All class content is stored on our site and accessible to club members. 

In week 1, you will learn HOW to get into the zone. Laura will be live two times per month to help you feel guided and coached!

We will continue practicing getting into the zone each month until you become an expert! The zone club is for athletes, corporate execs, gamers, coaches, and other elite performers

Course content includes the three Gems of Mental Performance and her proprietary formula for getting into the zone on command. In this experiential  she will lay the groundwork for you to get in the zone on your own. You will learn how to build your own quantum level arena or stadium or court so you can build your pathway to access the zone on command. This is an experiential class, not a lecture.

The PEAK PERFORMANCE ZONE is Where Greatness Lives. When you join the ZONE club you will learn to access the ZONE on command. This puts you all the way into the ELITE MINDSET ATHLETE bracket. Hardly anyone can get in the zone on command. This proprietary method will help you be more mentally resilient than ever before. Class includes mp3 so you can practice. Also includes a 30-day Zone Challenge to help you deepen your practice.

Five major benefits for athletes who take zone class

1. Improved focus

2. Improved consistency

3. Mental resilience

4. Prevents injuries

5. Go beyond typical meditative practices that falsely claim to get you in the zone. Have you ever been in the true alpha state? It's not the same as regular meditating or regular breathwork. It's something else. A quantum world.