The (Cosmic) Zone a live workshop with Laura Wilde

The (Cosmic) Zone a live workshop with Laura Wilde

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This class will guide you through the Proprietary Four Step  Formula to get you in the zone. It starts at 8pm eastern time!

Learn how to get in the zone like a champion. 

How do athletes get in the zone? With Laura Wilde's elite training.

Did you know...

Zone Training is the Holy  Grail of Mental Training!

Join me for this 90-minute live course and I'll show you the techniques that will help you be excellent in any field of life.


  • Learn from the leader in zone training for pro athletes
  • Master your greatness more quickly
  • Increase your confidence
  • Create Your Own Personal Pathway to the Zone 
  • Makes getting in the zone automatic
  • High Performance Mindset Training
  • Become even more elite!