Zone 101
Zone 101

Zone 101

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Zone training with Laura Wilde.

This is an online course with audio files and minimal video instruction. We will be training your subconscious mind, not your conscious mind. This program will change your life if you follow the steps.

Become consistent, focused and fierce in your sport.

I spent two seasons in college being frustrated and not always playing my best. I hated scoring 23 points one game and 7 points the next game.

I doubted myself. I was irritated with my coach and sometimes with my teammates. But I was the problem.

Then I learned to get into the zone. But only sometimes... I hadn't yet cracked the code on how to get there every time!

But a few years ago I figured out how to create a path to the zone and I learned how to get into the zone every single time!

If I had just known how to get into the zone I could have been  so much better! But no regrets. 

Because now I've taught thousands of people to get into the zone so they can be great.

I teach pro athletes this skillset and it changes their game.


It can change yours too!

Put your skin in the game! This program will change your life - when you follow the steps I've laid out.

Learn how to get in the zone like a champion. Because you are meant to be a champion.

Zone Training is the Holy Grail of Mental Training!

Join me for this program and I'll show you the techniques that will help you be excellent in any field of life.


  • Learn to focus through all the ups and downs
  • Learn from the leader in zone training for pro athletes
  • Master your greatness more quickly
  • Increase your confidence
  • Create Your Own Personal Pathway to the Zone 
  • Makes getting in the zone automatic
  • High Performance Mindset Training
  • Become even more elite!

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