THE ZONE CLUB - (monthly)

THE ZONE CLUB - (monthly)

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After you purchase the THE ZONE class, then join THE ZONE Club!

* Keep your path to the zone strong with hands on help. It's priced to make it easy to say yes.

* Reinforce getting into the zone each month so that YOU become a seasoned expert!

Laura Wilde will share content several times a month to get you to the most elite level of performance.

Sign up anytime! All class content is stored on our site and is always accessible to club members. 

Join Laura live two or more times per month to receive the guidance and coaching to help you stay strong in the zone. All Sessions are recorded in case you have to miss the live.

 THE ZONE club is for athletes, corporate execs, gamers, coaches, and other elite performers

Five major benefits of getting in and staying in THE ZONE!

1. Improved focus

2. Improved consistency

3. Mental resilience

4. Prevents injuries

5. Go beyond typical meditative practices that claim to get you in the zone. Have you ever been in the actual zone? It's a place that can be measured scientifically. It's not the same as regular meditating or regular breathwork. It's something else. A quantum world.