Why the Zone or Flow State seems so elusive

Most elite athletes find it hard to get into the zone consistently. This is because accessing the part of the mind where we can exist in the flow state is not accessible to us in our regular waking state. 

The zone exists at the brain's alpha state. Closing your eyes and breathing and "clearing your mind" isn't at all a true pathway to the zone - though articles online would have you believe this is enough to access the alpha state. 

The zone is a pathway that must be cleared through training and practice!

The zone is often thought of as a place for elite athletes, musicians, and actors. Actually, any of us has the potential to experience the zone! When you do, it can add joy and enrichment to our lives. 

Take the ZONE class with me beginning in March and I'll show you how to create a strong pathway to the zone so you can get there every time - on command. Learn how to get into the zone. The zone is a real thing and I can teach you how to get in the zone before a game.

by Laura M. Wilde

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